that your waiting time at the airport could turn into a world tour journey

We are happy to open your horizon. Are you with us?


Here's what you can do with GATE

JOIN / LAUNCH events

Gather around interests or meet the locals or experienced travelers of your next destination.

Meet face-to-face

Mingle, share stories, have lunch, share a car/cab for a quick city-tour.

Cool & polite goodbyes

We love privacy and honest contact exchange. You'll get the decision to follow up or not with travelers you've met and add them or not to your travel network.

Your travel network

Build your travel network and feel home anywhere in this world.

Meet the world. In one space, in a loop of time

At GATE we believe that travelers should be empowered to design their own social experiences, even while waiting at the airport.

We also think that we all have great stories or maybe questions to ask. And some of us are thirsty for inspiration and hungry for our next trip. Aren't we?

Let's meet-up then. Let's share more than one space and maybe our world will have less strangers and more friends. Let's turn our waiting time into MOMENTS.

We'll love to know how you feel about how we feel. Tweet us, write us an email, write it on our facebook page...

We can't wait to hear from you!

Connect with us and spread the word!

We hope we've got you excited about GATE. Feel free to share it with your friends and feel free to drop us your feedback, ideas, questions or suggestions. Thank you!